Getting Down

Plunge Milling Removes Metal Fast.

How to Use Indexable Tooling to Optimize Finishing Operations

High-quality indexable insert end milling systems offer moldmakers considerable cost-advantages for many finishing operations.

Horizontal Drilling in a Lathe

We frequently drill thru materials using equipment in which the drill moves axially, the work piece material is stationary, and at the same time the tool turns clockwise. There are however other applications that require

Gages;Truncated Settings Plugs-Design and Function

Truncated type setting plug gages are used for setting and evaluating thread ring gages. They are also used at times for setting ......

Technical Tip #205;Gages;Procedure for Setting a Ring Gage

The setting plug establishes the size of a thread ring gage . Setting plugs are also known as master plugs or check plugs. They should be the "truncated type" having both a full form and a truncated section on them. All standard setting plug gages are made to a Class

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