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Summary of Responsibilities:

Oversees all matters related to information systems.

Functional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plans and implements additions, deletions and major modifications to the supporting infrastructure company-wide in coordination with corporate leadership.
  • Plan and implementation of network security at the corporate level.
  • Anticipates future network needs, identifies proactive solutions to satisfy needs.
  • Plan, implementation and administration of Mahar Tool Supply’s WAN, LAN and Domain Naming System (DNS)
  • Plans, manages, develops and executes upgrades to telephone system on a company-wide basis.
  • Presents new/upgraded telephone plans to Computer Committee
  • Oversees all telephone changes, including routing for seating assignments.
  • Plan, develop and maintain system backups, archiving and disaster recovery for Mahar’s ERP System, E-mail, EDI, user files, payroll.
  • Works with project teams to help implement Internal Systems and provides expert support when necessary.
  • Oversee development and maintenance of Intranet website.
  • Oversees troubleshooting of ERP System
  • Plan, implementation and administration of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server; Microsoft Sql Server; Nowdocs (form Printing Software); FacSys (Fax Server); Microsoft Server with Active Directory; desktop/laptop, Microsoft Exchange environment (Email), Linux
  • Management of corporate help desk activities and resolves escalated issues if necessary.
  • Responds to escalated help desk issues.
  • Oversees the development, administration and maintenance of our trouble ticket tracking system.
  • Interacts with internal clients on all levels to help resolve IT-related issues and provides answers in a timely manner.
  • Plan, develop and maintain Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment
  • Develop and maintain Customer/Vendor EDI mappings in GXS Application Integrator (EDI)
  • Maintains relationship with Customer/Vendor EDI personnel
  • Plan, develop, and maintain vendor EBuy website and ESource website
  • Plan and maintain Internet website
  • Oversees all IT-related purchasing and budget usage; works with accounting to develop budgets.
  • Builds and maintains vendor relationships and manages the purchase of hardware and software products.
  • Ensures that company assets are maintained responsibly.
  • Helps decide, in conjunction with corporate leadership, which software and hardware products and other equipment are most suited for use within Mahar Tool Supply’s infrastructure.
  • Manages software licenses on a company-wide basis.
  • Assisting management in developing and implementing continuous improvements throughout all functions
  • May work on other projects as assigned by upper management.
  • Ensures department is well informed, at all times, of changes and news worthy events within Mahar Tool Supply.
  • Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to superiors.
  • Handles difficult personnel situations directly, using appropriate discretion, HR advice, and respect for the individual.
  • Exercises staff oversight to ensure new operations plans, policies, procedures, and transition/migration plans are consistent with the overall company goals and objectives.
  • Holds responsibility for IT staffing and budgeting projections on a company-wide basis.

Minimum Qualifications:

At least 5 years of experience; Bachelor’s degree in related field; valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record; must pass drug test and yield satisfactory results from background check; ability to multitask; ability to maintain positive working relationships;

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to regularly lift and/or move up to 25 pounds

Required to view computer screen for long periods of time

Post-offer and during the course of employment, Mahar Tool Supply Co, Inc. retains the right to evaluate or test whether the employee is able to perform the essential functions of the position