achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense

MAHAR is the expert in locating areas of loss and turning those same areas into projectable areas of profit.
We make and keep you running efficiently. MAHAR drives efficiency.


MAHAR provides custom vending solutions to manage your inventory. Vending provides security to your inventory while making it available 24/7 and tracking consumption down to a cost center or an operator. Creating a point-of-use system with vending brings the inventory to the machining center, reducing line side supply time and giving the operators confidence that the right part is there when they need it. MAHAR drives efficiency. More about vending program. 

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MAHAR offers an in-depth product line of premier suppliers to satisfy all of your industrial manufacturing needs. Our products and team will bring innovative solutions to improve your productivity that result in substantial cost savings to your manufacturing processes. MAHAR drives efficiency.


For years MAHAR has been providing customers with quality tool management services. By monitoring your production volumes, tool life optimization, and inventory lead times, MAHAR provides expert service in determining the exact inventory levels needed to ensure seamless production while eliminating excess inventory. Our extensive detailed reporting packages provide critical information to monitor your manufacturing efficiencies down to the specific cost per unit detail. MAHAR drives efficiency.

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MAHAR provides expert technical specialists who can analyze your machining processes and identify solutions and innovations thereby increasing throughput and lowering costs. From inventory logistics and crib attendants, to cutter grind and pre-setters, MAHAR experts staff your manufacturing workforce needs. MAHAR drives efficiency.

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MAHAR will manage your tool crib or stock room utilizing our own inventory best practices. MAHAR provides crib management software along with point-of-use vending machines to maximize inventory logistics inside your manufacturing facility. MAHAR can also provide crib attendants and on-site inventory control specialists. MAHAR drives efficiency.


From initial design and build, to calibration, certification, and repair, MAHAR has years of expertise and knowledge with standard and special dimensional gaging. MAHAR drives efficiency.

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MAHAR provides industry leading products and services to meet your MRO and PPE safety needs. MAHAR drives efficiency.


MAHAR will reduce your cost to manufacture by utilizing our expert regrinding service that allows you to use resharpened products versus new. We also offer quality tool setting solutions that will reduce your downtime for tooling changes. MAHAR drives efficiency.

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