Mahar Tool Supply Company’s (“MAHAR’s”) suppliers (“Suppliers”) are expected to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their performance in the global supply chain. This Supplier Quality Manual (“Manual”) is designed to set forth many of the expectations and requirements that Mahar has of its suppliers.

To meet our customers’ world-class expectation and help them maintain the quality and regulatory compliance of their products and/or services, MAHAR has established appropriate standards to ensure the quality of our products and the integrity of our operations. This Manual is the quality standard for every MAHAR supplier worldwide. This common global Manual allows MAHAR to evaluate all suppliers around the world based on common expectations and performance standards. MAHAR considers collaboration with the supply chain an integral part of our success and, therefore, strives to operate as an integrated team with suppliers. The selection of suppliers is based not only on the quality and on competitiveness of their products and services, but also their adherence to social, ethical, and environmental principles.

Download the complete Supplier Manual.