Meet our 3M Specialist…the Grand Pooh Bah!

Hello, my name is Michael Miller and I’m the 3M Certified Specialist for Mahar. I know, Certified Specialist sounds a bit cheesy. It kind of sounds like I might as well call myself the Grand Pooh Bah and march around in a big hat. I’m hoping with this blog to explain what it means to be a Certified Specialist for 3M.  

3M has different levels of distributors. The top level is called a Premier distributor. A Premier distributor is offered the best discounts, 3M supplied training, frequent interaction with distributor reps., and often, first access to new products & promotions. In turn, 3M requires the distributor to have a person focused full-time on supporting all sales efforts for all things 3M. That person, of course is the Certified Specialist. One caveat, I say all things 3M, however 3M is such a diverse company I should say all things in the Industrial basket for 3M. For example, I wouldn’t be able to help you with dental mold products, or a 3M Littmann Stethoscope, but I can help you go from weld blending to painting in just 2 steps. 

Mahar, as a company has access to hundreds of product lines. As their 3M specialist, I have the privilege of focusing on just one. By doing so, I’m included on many of our customer problem-solving endeavors to try and help find a solution to grind faster, get a better finish, adhere two surfaces together, or help a plant become more safety compliant. I’ve been the CS for over seven years now. For me, there’s nothing better than to walk away from a plant with a smile on my face knowing that I helped solve a problem or speed up production.  

Many of the products in the 3M Industrial arsenal are lesser-known engineered products. For instance, did you know that a small piece of foil damping tape can reduce noise and vibration on your parts? Have you heard of Cubitron II, a precision shaped mineral that cuts faster, last longer & finishes better than any other abrasive product? Have you ever considered that improving your liquid filtration in a machining center can increase pump life, give you better tool life & reduce machine wear & tear?

The fact is, we all face problems in manufacturing that we don’t have clear solutions for.  Sometimes the path lesser traveled brings hidden treasures. Give me a call and schedule a show & tell. We might uncover a new product that helps push you into faster throughput, increased margins, or reduced scrap. 

So, there you have it, 3M Certified Specialist in a nutshell.  I hope this is helpful & makes you realize that there is a lot more to 3M solutions than Scotchbrite handpads and shop roll. Now excuse me while I go look for my big hat.