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Air Gaging – Ol’ Reliable – Gage Guy Blog

Hi, Gage Guy here checking in with another Mahar Metrology Blog! Our subject this time around is Air Gages, or as they are now commonly referred to; Air to Electronic Gages. What’s the diff? Well boys and girls, glad you asked… The principle of checking parts with...

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Handle with Care – Gage Guy Blog

Hi, I’m the MAHAR Gage Guy reporting for yet another extremely informative and interesting BLOG…( Gage Guy reserves the right to pass judgement on his own blogs ) …Although I am a firm believer that it is never a great idea to “State the obvious”…Precision gages and...

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Meet our 3M Specialist…the Grand Pooh Bah!

Hello, my name is Michael Miller and I'm the 3M Certified Specialist for Mahar. I know, Certified Specialist sounds a bit cheesy. It kind of sounds like I might as well call myself the Grand Pooh Bah and march around in a big hat. I'm hoping with this blog to explain...

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Meet our “Gage Guy”

Hi, I’m the Gage Guy…for many years I’ve followed the interesting and very informative writings of a person known as the “Gage Guru” at Mahr-Federal Inc, one of the largest and well known gage companies in the world.  The premise with Gage Guru is to help inform and...

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